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Wingman Industries, Inc. is a Virginia based company organized in 2009 to promote and sell a revolutionary new composite steel beam developed by Anthony J. Cesternino. He found a way to insert a carbon fiber rod into a modified steel I-beam which dramatically increased its load bearing capabilities. This innovative design will do to the steel beam what the steel beam did to the wood beam of centuries past. Mr. Cesternino’s new beam deign gives it such incredible strength that it has been referred to by many as the “Superbeam.


For years university and industrial researchers have looked without success for a way to incorporate carbon fiber into steel beams to enhance their structural strength. They knew that if carbon fiber, one of the strongest materials known to man, could be incorporated into the manufacture of a horizontal load bearing beam they could significantly increase the beam’s load bearing capability and change the way many products are made and used world wide. No one has succeeded in doing this until now.


Spec testing was recently conducted at Washington State University’s engineering testing facility. The results of this testing were extremely encouraging. The professors that conducted the tests were so impressed with the results that they applied for and received two grants from the federal government to conduct further testing of this new beam design. One grant was from the Department of Transportation and the other from the EPA.

Where this technology can be used is almost limitless. For example: Structural steel beams used in bridge and building construction, bridge and infrastructure repair, mine roof supports, extension ladders for fire trucks, decking, scaffolding, auto/truck frames, railroad ties, multi-level truck trailers, military trailers to include the Abram’s tank heavy lift trailer, mobile military bridge units, aircraft carrier decks, etc.

Anyone who makes and/or uses load bearing beams in their businesses, no matter whether it is an engineer, architect, builder, developer, trucker, or auto designer, can benefit from this technology. Mr. Cesternino believes that one of the consequences of this new “Superbeam” will be to reinvigorate many segments of American industry in a way we haven’t seen for a long time.


It is Mr. Cesternino’s desire to bring to the market place a technology that will revolutionize the way engineers design and manufacture load bearing beams which will in turn make them stronger, safer and less expensive. The increased strength, reduction in size and weight, and simplicity of fabrication of these new composite beams will have a considerable impact on the way load bearing beams are designed and used.

Not only will Mr. Cesternino’s carbon fiber insert technology help the steel industry it will help anyone making support beams of most any material. For example the carbon fiber insert will add incredible strength to aluminum made load bearing beams. As Mr.Cesternino has said: “The sky’s the limit,” when it comes to how this technology can be used.


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Our superior product, the "Superbeam", has the look and feel of a traditional beam - but with several amazing new features. When used in multiple applications which have been identified to date, it will be stronger, safer, lighter, and impervious to weather...thus eliminating all of the problems and inconveniences associated with current steel beams.


We has developed, and is preparing to manufacture and/or retrofit existing flatbed trailer with carbon fiber reinforced steel beams (Superbeam), and 4-level elevating units which will allow the operator to raise or lower the trailer to fit the requirements of the contracted load.